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PhD to Tech

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Technical Non-Academic PhD Careers

Many professionals who achieve a PhD choose to pursue careers in academia. Due to the well-known structural problems in the academic job market and the possibility of intellectually stimulating jobs in the private sector, some choose to leave the “ivory tower”.. Fantastic non-academic PhD careers do exist and are abundant in the tech field. However, even the most highly educated applicants may find that employers are looking for additional qualifications to prove tech savvy skills that are relevant in today’s marketplace. There are many PhD career options that pay well over $100,000.

Software Engineer

As the driving force behind what makes technology companies work, software engineers design and develop networks, mobile apps, operating systems, business applications and more. Google and Microsoft are among the tech companies seeking graduates to fill top non-academic PhD careers. To prove you have what it takes, you will need to show off your coding skills and other technological knowledge. An industry recognized certification in C++, Python, or JavaScript is a great resume booster. To ensure you are on the right track, partner with a mentor to help morph your existing skills into ones that will shine in job interviews.

Data Scientist

Put your statistical expertise to good use with a career as a data scientist. In this exciting field that uses machine learning to make predictions, you will be on the cutting edge of technological advances while making an impact on the health and direction of your company. Solid analytical and Python skills are needed. Targeted training and using a mentor to create an impressive portfolio will help highlight your skills to potential employers.


If you love to travel and relish the time you spend building relationships with business partners, customers and co-workers, a consultant career may be the perfect fit for you. This position allows you to step into the customer’s environment, dig deep into their day-to-day processes and offer innovative solutions to transform their business. Combined with your degree, obtaining architect-level certifications or working with an expert to build your portfolio may be all it takes to prove you can develop strategies that lead to positive business transformations.

Today’s employers often have a vast number of applicants for each open position, so they are looking for candidates that have the skills to be productive from day one. While earning a PhD proves you have what it takes to research, analyze and creatively develop new solutions, other, often more practical skills must also be proven. By getting hands-on career training, adding certifications to your qualifications or enlisting the help of a mentor, you will stand out as a well-rounded applicant for non-academic PhD careers.