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Your post-graduate studies have provided you with a range of valuable skills. Let’s start there and work together to get you a job in tech that you will love. What’s our approach?

Although there are parallels between academia and industry, they are not the same game. Finding your way from doctoral studies to a job in tech that you will like is very challenging. In all likelihood, your advisor is not well-positioned to help you, having spent most or all of their career in academia. You need a mentor for your transition.

Christopher will work with you to understand how to find a good job in tech by reading job ads critically, matching your background and skill-set with open positions, working with recruiters skillfully and interviewing successfully.

We offer training in three areas that help you transition from your graduate-level social science technical and statistical background to the skill-set needed to compete for enriching, well-paid positions in tech.

Starting with the statistical background that you got in graduate school, the “machine learning” training shows you how to go from inferential to predictive modeling. Our scripting training builds on familiarity with tools frequently encountered in graduate research (dplyr in R, Pandas in Python) to get you to the level of comfort with writing, reading and editing code that translates into success at coding interviews. Finally, when data gets too big to fit into spreadsheets, you need to know how to quickly access and manipulate information stored in relational databases. This is the goal of our training on querying databases.

This is a scary time. We know. We are real people who will listen and help you.
Transitioning from academia to industry can be a major life change. We will hold space for you to develop your new professional identity, process any discouragement that you feel and work with you to gain the confidence that will help you in your job search.

All of our services are rooted in the desire to validate your academic journey and job search, understand your unique career and life goals and support you as a whole person. Our promise to you is diligence, compassion and optimism. Our goal for you is to feel confident, positive and ready for this new chapter of your life.